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 Terms & Conditions

  • At FIX2GO LTD we apply the two (2) year guarantee on Certain Aspects of the Sale of Consumer Goods and Related Guarantees Law (L.154(I)/2021 which concerns the obligation of the seller towards the consumer when the product he has sold does not meet the
    characteristics mentioned in the warranty statement or in the relevant advertisement or description on the basis of which the consumer acquires the good, without additional charge – to repair or replace the product.

    In the event that the consumer wishes to replace or return the product he has purchased, he is obliged to report the problem to the seller within 14 days and to return it in the original form and condition in which he had purchased it, presenting together with the receipt form_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ purchase.

  • The seller is obliged to replace or repair the product. It is emphasized that the product will be in its original form without having tampered with either the packaging or the product itself and without having been used.

  • At FIX2GO LTD, the following procedure is followed in case of delivery of your device for repair:

  • The customer accepts that the device delivered to FIX2GO is damaged and/or does not function normally. The description of damage herein is at the sole discretion of the customer. You tell us the problem you are facing with your device and we inform you of the repair price

  • After you agree with the price and wish to proceed with the repair, we register your details – name, surname and contact phone number which will only be used for communication purposes

  • Upon delivery of your device, a Quantity Receipt (ticket) will be issued, which will include your details and the cost of repairing your device. The Quantity Receipt Slip is unique and must be presented upon receipt of your device. Under no circumstances can the Quantity Receipt Slip be considered or used as proof.

  • In the event that during the repair and repair of your device our specialist technician finds that the device has another problem or cannot be repaired, you will be informed by phone and you will agree whether we will proceed with a repair for an additional fee or not repair it at all

  • After your device is repaired, we will notify you by phone to pick it up

  • At the final stage of receiving the device, the Quantity Receipt Slip is presented with the unique number we have given you and you receive your device

  • At FIX2GO we use certified spare parts for the repairs and repairs of most devices. Prices may change frequently due to various factors capable of affecting product prices (e.g. demand, transportation, external factors see pandemic, etc.)

  • In the event that your device presents a problem or damage that you are unable to either describe, understand or explain, the mandatory "Diagnosis" will follow which will enable our technician to determine what the problem is with your device . "Diagnosis" has a charge of €10, but in the case of repairing the device and using spare parts after first informing the customer about the cost, we will proceed with the corresponding repair fee and the "Diagnosis" cost (€10) will not be paid by the customer. On the contrary, if the customer does not wish us to proceed with a repair or the device cannot be repaired, then the "Diagnosis" cost is mandatory and should be paid upon receipt of the device.

  • The customer must provide FIX2GO with the access code of the device that is delivered for inspection/repair. In the event that the customer cannot or does not wish to provide the access code of the device and this is necessary to proceed with the procedure, then the device cannot be checked, repaired and its correct operation confirmed upon delivery to the customer .

  • The customer expressly declares that the product delivered for inspection or repair or for any reason is not covered by warranty. If, despite the customer's statement above, the product is accompanied by a warranty card, this automatically ceases to be valid upon approval of the repair. In case of any product warranty conditions during the diagnostic check or repair, FIX2GO bears absolutely no responsibility, since the repair / check is done with the customer's approval.

  • The response and repair time of the damage is not guaranteed, regardless of the fact of signing such a contract or not, as the repair of many damages depends on the response and repair time of the manufacturer or spare part supplier, as well as unforeseen complications during the repair process . FIX2GO bears no responsibility for any delay and for the consequences it may have for the customer.

  • Non-receipt of the delivered device by the customer for three months (3 months) after completion of repair or notification of inability to repair it for any reason and notification of its receipt from the store, is considered abandonment of the device. In this case, FIX2GO can either recycle the device or sell it to cover part of its repair and storage costs.

  • Although all safety and fire protection measures have been taken (safety rolls, guardrails, alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.) FIX2GO is not responsible for the loss of data on the device or the device itself or part thereof in the event of a break-in of the store, theft, vandalism, fire or any natural disaster.

  • In the event that the customer delivers to the laboratory a device   which either exhibits strange characteristics or distortion and alteration of its image or has been repaired at an earlier stage in another laboratory, he must state what type of repair has been carried out because he may the spare parts used can cause damage to the device itself or even to the laboratory itself (e.g. blown battery).    


At FIX2GO you can feel safe handing in your device. You have the possibility to see our laboratory and monitor your device during its repair  due to the specially designed space of our laboratory. 


If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us. 

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