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Exysiodized service with seriousness, reliability and responsibility​ through our authorized partners.


Repairs in and out of warranty
FIX2GO is the p
reliable and responsible electronic device repair team.
We are here to indicate the best way to deal with any problem, and to provide solutions, both for the duration of a device's warranty and for
at the end of the warranty period.​

Repairs for devices under warranty
By choosing the authorized service for your device, you keep
all the advantages that its warranty provides you.
For this reason, FIX2GO, with seriousness and responsibility, indicate everywhere
a the selection of the authorized service while a device is still "under warranty".​

​Repairs for computersout of warranty
​If your device is now out of warranty, you can trust us as always to repair it immediately, in our fully equipped workshops. We follow strict protocols and procedures. We do rigorous diagnostic and quality assurance checks. We use only top quality spare parts, while team members
let us be the best technicians in our country.​

​​In any case, if you choose the authorized service and you want to entrust us with the shipment of the device to the authorized service companies with which we cooperate, to monitor the progress and the process repair it, and return it to you, we take care of it!

Here, Everything is Made! easy, guaranteed, economical

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