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door to door fix2go

Pickup from your location

A.By contacting us directly at  7777 4747
B.By filling in your details in the free pickup form

C.Calling directly the ACS courier who will pick upCOMPLETELY FREEthe device from your location. Just call on7777 7373 and state that the shipment is for the store:

FIX2GO Metropolis MallLarnaca the
 FIX2GO Paralimni
and report with consignee charge.


Please pack your device carefully in such a way that it is safe from shocks during transport. Use paper, protective air pockets, or even better, the original packaging, if available. Then hand the device over to the carrier.



As soon as we receive the device, we will check it and perform the relevant diagnosis immediately. However, before proceeding with a repair, we will fully inform you of the exact repair time and cost, so that we can obtain the necessary approval from you.



Your device will be repaired & shipped to you within 24 hours of receiving the device**. If you do not want us to proceed with a repair, you will only be charged with the minimum cost of packaging and shipping, which is 10 euros.



You receive your device from the Courier at your door. You pay either the amount we have agreed for the repair, or the minimum cost of packaging and shipping (10 euros). If you wish to pay by cash on delivery, you will also be charged the cost of cash on delivery, which is 5 euros.

*Hard-to-reach areas outside of the ACS network are excluded, as well as parcels over 2 kg for which there will be a fee proportional to the weight. * They excludetai: long-term damage such as water etc. which may take several days, as well as breakdowns that require a spare part order to be repaired.


Thank you

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