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Game Machine Repair

At FIX2GO workshops we can offer you a solution to any problem with your console / game machine. We specialize in electronic device repairs and can identify and successfully address any problem with your gaming machine.

Game consoles typically accept games in disc form and connect to a television to display the graphics. Of course there are now several popular portable consoles with built-in screens. Has your favorite console started malfunctioning? Tired of stuck discs and games, broken keys and overheating of the console? You don't have to put up with your console's operating problems one more day, FIX2GO is by your side to offer you a solution.

We undertake the repair of a wide range of gaming machines. We have at our disposal top know-how and the necessary professional equipment to offer top quality services.


Get back in the game!


Come to one of our stores to be served by one of our experts. We will make sure to complete the process of diagnosing and repairing the damage as quickly as possible. After your console is effectively repaired, you will be able to return to your favorite games.

So if your gaming machine has broken down, there is no reason to panic, contact us to offer you fast, efficient and affordable gaming machine repair.

We offer a solution to malfunctions of all popular game consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Some of the most common faults are the following:

  1. Hard drive replacement

  2. Change Disc / BluRay Drive

  3. Broken screen replacement

  4. Graphics card repair

  5. Motherboard repair

  6. Fix connectivity issues: WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet

  7. Restore, Upgrade, Install Firmware

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