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Desktop repair

FIX2GO repair centers, day by day, rise to the highest positions in the preferences of the public, for repairing malfunctions or updating PCs. We undertake serious and difficult repairs such as changing the hard drive, graphics card, etc motherboard repairand upgrading the processor and even increasing the RAM. In addition, we undertake work related to the upgrading of software and programs and provide them with great reliability and speed. Our goal is your expectation. To make the PC functional and which responds to your daily use of it.

Remote support 

One of our advantages at FIX2GO repair centers is the remote support and repair of your PC, as we recognize that transporting it is not an easy task. We give you the opportunity to take advantage of our experienced and highly trained staff, who will be able to restore any malfunction, such as creating a backup copy, installing programs, peripherals and even removing viruses from your PC. All this can be done remotely using the internet. Therefore you can save valuable time thanks to the remote assistance services we can offer you and of course money. You should have peace of mind as you have our technicians by your side at all times, no matter what happens.


Unique prices and quality spare parts


We at FIX2GO repair centers take care of the best when it comes to your PC. We always use quality spare parts in your PC hardware repairs. This means that every PC repair is done exclusively with the most reliable spare parts, which are completely compatible with your computer and of guaranteed quality. In this way, we ensure that with each repair, your PC will work again as if you just took it out of its packaging. Leave the cost to us. Both our spare parts and our professional work are offered at truly economical prices that you will not find on the market.



At FIX2GO it is not an impersonal workshop. Instead, we are always in touch with you. We inform you about the exact condition of your device, the damage and the necessary repair. At the same time, we fully inform you about the steps we will follow for its restoration. Thus, you always have full knowledge about it and we your consent to proceed with the repair.


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