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Laptop repair

Some of the most common and important tasks undertaken by FIX2GO during laptop repair are:

  • Cracked  laptop screen repair: the most sensitive part of the laptop, its screen, can crack or break during transport and exposure. We replace the spasmeyour screen with new, excellent functionality.

  • Power plug repair: the power plug is another part of the laptop that suffers during its movements. If it stops working properly, it will be impossible to use your laptop anymore when it discharges.

  • Keyboard repair: if one or more of the laptop's keys become cracked, broken, detached or unresponsive, it becomes difficult to use. We replace the problematic keyboard with a quality spare part.

  • Hard drive replacement: replacing hard drive in time will save you from the processdata recovery in case you don't have a back up. At FIX2GO we reliably carry out all the above tasks during laptop repair.

  • Operating system update: We install and update your operating system, simultaneously installing the necessary drivers and making all the necessary settings on your laptop.


Why inFIX2GO;


The advantages we have are also those that steadily raise theFIX2GOto public preferences:

  • Reliability: Our experience in laptop repair and our fully qualified technicians are a guarantee for an excellent result.

  • Quality spare parts: Every laptop repair is done exclusively with compatible and excellent quality spare parts.

  • Speed: Each of our jobs is completed in the shortest possible time, as we fully understand how essential a tool your laptop is to you.

  • Diagnostic test: The diagnostic test is carried out by our technicians, both to establish the fault and to confirm the successful result after the laptop repair.

  • Competitive prices: For our excellent and guaranteed repairs with quality spare parts, we offer you the most competitive prices on the market.


Pancypria  servernote:

You can bring or send us your device from wherever you are in the country, and we will take care of your prompt and efficient service.DOOR2DOOR SERVICE



At FIX2GO it is not an impersonal workshop. Instead, we are always in touch with you. We inform you about the exact condition of your device, the damage and the necessary repair. At the same time, we fully inform you about the steps we will follow for its restoration. Thus, you always have full knowledge about it and we your consent to proceed with the repair.


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