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Repairs ​Metal

The team of top motherboard technicians in Cyprus.

The motherboard of a device is its most basic part. ​All components of a device can be removed and either repaired or replaced.

Often, however, damage occurs on the motherboard which can be repaired. ​These kinds of repairs require extremely high expertise, precision equipment and the best technicians.


The team at FIX2GO is just that: the Top repair team that can guarantee the best treatment of a motherboard failurelook.




Visit one of the FIX2GO repair centers today. Having received your device we will run a diagnostic test to identify the parts that will need replacing. The total repair cost depends on how many and which parts need to be replaced.

Our experienced technician will inform you about the problems and the procedure he is going to follow and will carry it out, having first secured your consent.



Here, Everything is Made! easy, guaranteed, economical

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